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Residential, Commercial, Industrial Images/Footage for Marketing and Inspections

NDS will meet your expectations and more! Nick has experience with high-end real estate locations, raw land inspections, roof inspections, large construction sites, personal events, weddings, and cell phone tower inspections.

Nicholas Drone Service is a Limited Liability
Company operating in Virginia and North Carolina, insured up to $1M in commercial
liability with a $2M aggregate and $2M umbrella in business insurance, an additional $1M in drone insurance coverage and a $500K worker’s compensation policy. We prioritize safety and adhere to all regulations and guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other governing bodies. Nick also has more than six years and 600 hours of drone flight experience. He will always keep safety and professionalism at the forefront of all operations.

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10 High Quality Images
-Ten jpeg aerial photos of some of the best angles to include ground shots, if requested.

25 High Quality Images
-25+ jpeg aerial images to include: maximum altitude photos from all cardinal directions, 5-8 images from 100ft., 5-8 images at roof height/low altitude, and 6-12 ground images.

15 High Quality Ground Images
-15+ jpeg ground photos from different angles and perspectives.

30 Second HD Video Clip
-Package of a single 30 second HD video clip for marketing and advertising.

1-3 Minutes HD Video Clips
-Package includes up to 3 minutes of aerial HD footage delivered in raw clips.

3-5 Minutes HD Video Clips
-Package includes up to 5 minutes of aerial HD footage delivered in raw clips.

More than 5 Minutes HD Video Clips
-More than 5 minutes HD video footage delivered in raw clips.

Promotional or Marketing Video
-Up to 3 minutes of a promotional video with text, graphics, and music.

Orthomosaic Model
-Geo-referenced highly detailed photo of a site or structure.

3D Site Model
-Geo-referenced LAZ file for viewing a site or structure in a 3D environment or within a CAD program and BIM workflow.

Construction Progress
-25+ photos of progress of a construction or building site to include interior, exterior and aerial photos.

- Construction Video Footage Add-On Available

Exterior Aerial Progress Video
-A final compilation video of exterior construction progress from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits in HD quality up to 1 minute total. (Maximum 6 months progress.)

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